Our software is divided in two : daedalus-embedded and daedalus-dashboard.

The first one is for the raspberry-pi in the room, the second one is for the game masters to monitor and interact with the room.

Daedalus Embedded

The embedded software is the « main » software.

It’s job is to manage the device on which it is installed, listen to events from the GM or the other devices and send it’s own events when players interact with it.

In our rooms, all our electronic props rely on it, making the room 100% autonomous.

Written in Python 2 and using our own scenario and plugin system, it can be easily hacked to handle a new type of hardware or a new device in a room.
It currently supports the following:

  • NFC readers
  • Relays (for electro magnetic locks for example)
  • Arduino via USB
  • LEDs
  • Count number of USB keys plugged
  • Basically anything that can be wired on the GPIO

To communicate with other devices and the GM, we have chosen the MQTT protocol which is designed for IOT (Internet Of Things).
We recommend Mosquitto as MQTT broker because it’s open-source, free and supports websockets (see daedalus dashboard).

The software can (and should) be installed as a daemon on the raspberry-pi, this way if the device reboots it is automatically started when the device is back.

It is designed to be simple, it’s installation and configuration takes less than five minutes.

Daedalus Dashboard

The dashboard is the little brother of the embedded software.

Written in Javascript, it connects to the MQTT broker using websockets.

Once connected, it listen to all events being sent by the room devices so the GM can monitor what is happening in real time.

Furthermore, it can also send events to trigger any raspberry-pi, either as a fail-safe or to unlock some special content (like our scenarios’ side quests).

Because it’s a web application, you can use it from anywhere to keep an eye on your room wherever you are (as long as you have access to Internet), and on any operating system, desktop or mobile.

We’ve also developped a few GM tools that can be helpful, and more will come.
Currently available are:

  • IP Cam (to monitor players) with controls
  • Chronometer
  • Scenario steps checking to keep an eye on players progression and given hints
  • Notifications when players haven’t progressed in a while

As the embedded software, the purpose is to keep it simple (KISS) and you’ll be able to easily configure it.
If you’re familiar with Javascript, hacking it to add some tools or tweak it’s behavior should not take long.

You’d like to use our software but it doesn’t fully fill your needs ? We can do it for you ! Send us an email with the features you’d like and we’ll make you a quotation.

Feel free to contact us !

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