An excellent museum heist is a must have!

Every escape room blog will tell you the same thing: one of the most enjoyed theme is a museum heist. If there is none in your area, don’t think twice and open one !


This room uses a lot of tech and needs a software to make everything work together, resulting in a fully autonomous room (no GM action required). This what people often call generation 2 or 3.

The scenario we sell has two flavors : one for adults, one for kids (8 years old and older). Changing from one to the other takes less than 5 minutes.

It may look « empty » but don’t get fooled: there are many things hidden and to discover (hence the 20% search). That’s one of the thing that make our clients love it.


60 minutes


2 – 6


3.5 / 5


20 %


35 %


45 %


Obviously the pictures above show some of the features of the room, but rest assured most of the puzzles and surprises are yet to be discovered !

Below you can watch a short teaser we use in our own escape (in French):


You’ve been hired because you are the best. Your target: a masterpiece !

Between the guards patrols you’ll have to break in, defeat the security system and get the hell out with the painting.

Be careful of the lasers and others hidden mechanisms that will stand in your way.

Will you be able to accomplish the burglary of the century?

Quick tour

Players will enter using an air vent to get into a corridor with a few paintings. A lasers grid will block the way to the main exhibit that will be unlocked by fetching something on the other side using a hidden RC-car.

Once they get to the other room, they’ll have to disable different security systems that keep the statues on each pedestal locked. When each statue is unlocked, players will have to put them on the correct pedestals to unlock the painting to steal.

Finally, by fetching the painting from the wall, the alarm will be triggered and they’ll have a minimum of time to find a way out.

Scenario package

  • Scenario
  • Briefing / debriefing speeches
  • Room schematics
  • Puzzles list and where to buy them
  • Props list and where to buy them
  • Plans for pedestals
  • Electronics list and where to buy them
  • Wiring plans for electronics
  • Background music
  • Smartphone application
  • Detailled pictures of the room in our own escape
  • 2 flavors : children (8 years old +) and adults
  • Side quest so the GM can extend the game’s length if necessary
  • 1 year updates for everything above

Props package

  • All puzzles and props (real paintings like ours)
  • All electronics wired, no assembly required
  • If you bought the software package, electronics will also be installed and configured
  • Shipping

Please contact us so we can do a real estimation with correct shipping costs.

shipping not included

Software package

  • Embedded software for each raspberry-pi in the room
  • Web software to monitor the room and manually trigger any prop
  • Install & config guide (takes less than 5 minutes)
  • License to use and modify
  • 3 months support by email (answer under 24h) or chat depending on your timezone
  • 1 year updates

For more informations about our software, please go to our software page.


All prices above can be negociated if you buy more than one pack or if you’re already a client.
We can also make you a tailor cut package depending on your needs.

Feel free to contact us.

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