We use them daily in our own escape !

All of our high-tech props use our software and can interact with all the other ones very simply.

We can also customize the prop so it better fits your needs or we can create one just for you.
Feel free to contact us to talk about your project.

Maglock Triggers

Each of the below prop is used to trigger a local or remote electromagnetic lock.

Item(s) detection

Maglock will be locked, unlocked or toggled depending on the presence or absence of an item at a given place.

Can also be triggered when multiple items are put at one place in the right order.

USB key unlocker

Hide one or more USB keys in you room. Once all the keys are plugged in, it will trigger.

Light switches

Having to switch two (or more) light switch at the same time to open something is great to make players work together !

Knock pattern

Choose a door knocker that fits your theme, give your players a pattern and this prop will trigger when the correct pattern has been knocked !

Speech recognition

Make your players find a word through a puzzle or a riddle and our prop will listen for it.
Once it has been heard, it will trigger.

Communication props

You want new ways of interacting with your players ?

James Bond watch

Give one of the people in the team a watch to wear and use it to listen to your group the whole game.

It also has a countdown for the time they have left in the room, and you can talk through it or send it messages it will display !

Vintage radio

Using a vintage radio, we can turn it into a great way to listen and talk back to your players.

And because it’s a radio, it can only plays your voice (or music or anything) if the right frequency is selected.

Other high-tech props

Each prop below can also be managed with our software to enable/disable or trigger another prop depending on your needs.

Laser grid

Lasers are an effective way to show players they can’t access something yet, and they love it !

The punishment for crossing them is up to you.

Lasers power is limited by law in most countries. In France it’s very low hence the laser not being very visible…

« Stranger Things » garland

If you’ve seen the TV show « Stranger Things » you probably remember the garland used to communicate, lighting a bulb at a time, each one being a letter.

This is exactly what it does. Highly customizable (colors, text, loops) !

Painting storage

Using an image printed on a canvas and framed, we can hide behind it a secret compartiment.

As it uses a magnetic lock, you can choose whatever trigger you want to open it.

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